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The Boulder Trading Company (BTC) specializes in import and export of natural, organic, and eco friendly products. BTC currently exports products such as organic personal care products organic snacks, and natural candles, to Japan. We also we import natural personal care products and other natural and green products to the United States.

After traveling to different parts of the world, we have come to realize that there are so many high quality natural, organic, and green products that have had success in their respective domestic markets, but have not been introduced to the wide world of eco friendly consumers outside of the product's country of origin. The nature of the competitive, fast-growing marketplace for American natural and organic products offer entrepreneurs very little time to explore foreign markets until they have grown and established market position in the United States. But these entrepreneurs are therefore bypassing opportunities that may not be available to them as foreign markets also mature for natural and organic products. Likewise, there are so many foreign products that offer unique features and benefits that are distinct from those which are currently available in the United States. We at BTC act as an international trade handler to help local manufactures expand their reach to global markets.

By trading natural goods internationally, we can help to enhance healthy lifestyles and sustainability in the world.